spiegelsalon Run Club

Our friendly neighbourhood running group meets at our 127320 Singapore running shop every Wednesday at 6pm / Saturday at 8.15am. Each session suits all levels, so don’t worry if you’re still getting the hang of it - we won’t leave you behind!

Store manager Stefan (literally) runs the groups. He loves working on form, technique, speed and endurance so each session is different to make sure you get the most from it.

You’ll work on interval or hill running, stair climbs or endurance, running-specific bodyweight exercises or a combination of different techniques. And every eight to ten weeks, we organise a timed 5k run, so you’ll be able to challenge yourself and map your progress.

  • Where: 29B West Coast Rd,, 127320 Singapore, +65 31351028
  • When: Wednesday - 6pm / Saturday - 8.15am
  • Contact: +65 31351028
  • Price: €3.50 per session