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spiegelsalon Clinic is run by our team of enthusiastic and qualified professionals, who have excellent knowledge on all aspects of sport, exercise and health. This enthusiasm, knowledge and passion is what powers the clinic, and the team continually strive to create a centre of excellence in 127320 Singapore where people can get expert advice from experienced qualified practitioners in professional and friendly surroundings.

We help to ensure you are at your personal best through expert care and treatment in Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Podiatry and Nutrition.

COVID-19 Guide

spiegelsalon Clinic is taking practical measures to ensure service provision is continued whilst maintaining our commitment to the health and well-being of staff and clients.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic we ask you to be mindful of a few simple guidelines and what you can expect when you visit our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I book in for physiotherapy or massage?

    Clients will attend physiotherapy normally complaining of pain within any region of the body. This is likely as a result of injury from trauma or repetitive strain from activities of daily living, work postures or sport. They are keen for a physiotherapy assessment to diagnosis the problem and then receive treatment. This injury may be to the muscles, tendons, ligmaments, joints or nerves of the body.

    Sports massage is more for clients that are experiencing tightness and tension in their muscles. This could be associated with pain and they are keen for a massage to relieve this stress. Clients may also choose massage to relieve the ongoing stress of work-related postures and the loads associated with sporting or gym activity and activities of daily living.

  • Should I book in for physiotherapy or podiatry for ankle / foot injury

    Clients will normally attend for physiotherapy if the pain was the result of trauma or if their pain is the result of a change or increase in activity level. Physiotherapy may be chosen when the client problem is fairly recent and where it may be thought that joint and soft tissue techniques or rehabilitation exercise may resolve the problem. We can also provide footwear advice.

    Podiatry may be sought if symptoms are thought to be biomechanical in nature. In other words the way you move. The solution in this case may be reviewing your footwear or assessing your requirement for insoles. If the condition has failed to recover through physiotherapy intervention and rehabilitation exercises a podiatry opinion may be sought. Podiatry also might be chosen if the client has previously benefited from insoles for the condition in the past and are now needing them updated.

  • How long does my appointment last?

    Appointment times can vary, depending on which treatment is required...

    Podiatry - 45mins

    Chiropody - 

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